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This page explains what we do for you and your kitties when you need to be away without them.


Please take your time looking at the different boxes of information and notice there are some friendly felines here to help!


Happy Cat In-Your-Home Sitting!

Heidi & Mike Frazier

1. Getting Started:
  • Set up a Free Meet & Greet.

  • Show us where all your kitty tools are.

  • Tell us about your cat(s) habits and needs

  • Complete and go over New Client paperwork

  • Give us 2 keys for safe keeping

  • Remit fee with cash, credit card & Payment Apps

  • Enjoy Your Trip while your FurFamily has a safe and calm Staycation!

2. In Your Home Visits:
  • 30 Minute Visits 1x or 2x Daily.

  • Litter Boxes Cleaned.

  • Fresh food & water taken care of.

  • Used litter and empty food cans removed from home.

  • Play & Cuddle Time with brushing and new toys changed daily!

  • DailyVisit Reports - Videos - Photos texted or emailed as requested 

  • Mail & Garbage Check

We know our fur babies need interaction or they get lonely quickly - even our shyest ones.

Happy Cat Sitters lavish loving attention and companionship on

all our kitty friends!

Why Choose Happy Cat?
3. What it Costs:
  • In-Home Visit Options:

  • 30 Minute Visit - 1 to 2 Kitties......$25

  • 35 Minute Visit - 3 to 4 Kitties......$35


  • Second Daily Visit:

  • 15 Min "Pit Stop" - 1 to 2 Kitties...$15

  • 20 min "Pit Stop" - 3 to 4 Kitties...$20

  • Used for second feeding, litter cleaning, etc.

  • Special Needs:

  • Basic medications - per visit - $5 - Let's Talk!

  • We are owner operated, bonded and insured.

  • We send daily Email/Texts with Pics & Videos.

  • We share years working in the veterinary and boarding industry.

  • We are experienced, professional & certified in pet first aid.

  • We are neat, clean, thorough & dependable.

  • We make sure everything is fine at home.

  • We are local.

A Few Customer Reviews...
  • These are the people you want watching your pets while you are away from home! The kept us up-to-date with pics and comments that they offered to text to us after each visit. Very professional and responsive. Mike and Heidi were great! Thank you!

  • In one word.....WONDERFUL! It was a source of stress to board our fur-baby before we found Happy Cats. We really appreciate their methodical and organized approach to orienting themselves to our kitty's routine, and helping him warm to them. Happy Cats keeps detailed paperwork outlining kitty's medical information, dietary routine, and emergency contacts. 

  • On a warm-fuzzy note, I am not ashamed to admit that receiving the daily text updates with accompanying photos and videos was a highlight on my vacation days! Also, I really liked knowing he was getting quality cuddle attention every day. 


  • An added bonus was that Happy Cats brought in mail and newspaper, which was not insignificant since it eliminated the cumbersome process of stopping service and the subsequent pickup. Also, it was such a relief that someone was in the house daily to check on things.


  • It is clear that Heidi and Mike are passionate about animal welfare, and it was a gift having two organized and committed humans caring for our feline.

  • Heidi and Mike are as professional as they are sweet and kind. They went above and beyond. It was our first time with the sitters and we couldn't be happier with the experience. Daphne and Daisy

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